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Billing Questions

The board has adopted the following rules and procedures to be followed before a shut-off occurs:

Notices & Fines

Members are billed quarterly under the direction of the Board and invoices sent during the first week of the quarter. All payments must be paid with a check or money order or you may sign up for monthly ACH withdrawal.

Payment is due by the last day of the quarter.

Members that are late on payments are sent notices by the Board. Sending of notices may be delegated to the Bookkeeper by the Board.

Members that have not paid by the next billing quarter receive a First Notice of Delinquency. They are given 15 days to pay from the date of the Notice.

Members that have not paid after 15 days receive a Second Notice of Delinquency and are assessed a $75 late fee. If the Second Notice of Delinquency and late fee are not paid within 15 days of the date of the 2nd Notice, the said account is on automatic Shut Off.

All payments are applied to late fees and past due balances before current quarter charges.


If the late balance and late fees are not paid in full before 5PM on the date specified in the “Second Notice of Delinquency”, the Board dispatches the Certified Water Operator to suspend water service to the lot at 10:00AM the next business day. If the Certified Water Operator is dispatched a $250 shut off charge is incurred and another $250.00 fee will be charged to turn the water back on.

Upon payment in full (late balance, any late fees, and shut off/turn on charge), the Board directs the Certified Water Operator to promptly restore water service.


Appeals for water bills must be filed within 15 days of the First Notice of Delinquency. The Appeal must be in writing, signed, dated, and a brief reason for the appeal. All Appeals must be mailed to Comore Loma Water P.O. Box 1863 IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO 83403 or emailed to [email protected]There is no appeals process for Late Fees. An appeal is heard by three Board members within 30 days of receipt of the appeal. The three Board Members make their recommendation to the Board of Directors. The Board then decides on the resolution.

Return Checks

All returned checks will be given a $50 return check fee. Any account that has had two (2) returned checks in a 12-month period will no longer be allowed to pay by personal check. The account will be required to pay by Cashiers Check or Money Order. A member must petition the board to let them write personal checks again.


Any account that is 60 days past due will have a lien placed on the account for any amount that is past due on the account plus an administration fee of $100, for the first lien. A second lien will have a fee of $250, a third lien will have a fee of $350, and any other lien will have a fee of $500.

Collection Fees

In the event that any account or billing issue has to have legal or collection action, the account holder (member) will be charged all associated fees including but not limited to Attorney Fees, Water Operator Fees, Office Staff Fees, Court Fees, etc.