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In February 2014, the corporation members voted to approve some significant system upgrades. The purpose of these upgrades is to replace and/or upgrade aging infrastructure components, address systemic problems affecting water distribution to current members, and provide infrastructure for development of Division 25. Please monitor this page for project updates and information.

Current Project Update - April:

Our last update was in January. You can access it here on the CLWC website via the link above.

In the January update, I provided a project timeline and an overview of anticipated “heavy traffic” areas. 

Good news! As of this writing, the project is on schedule. This should allow for 3 days of watering per week this summer. The Board is currently discussing which house numbers will water on which days. While we DO understand that some days are more convenient to irrigate than others, our plan must be based on balancing supply with demand. We must have approximately the same amount of acres watering each day. For a thorough discussion of the new irrigation schedule, please plan on attending the CLWC Annual meeting, which will be held at Ammon Elementary on Apr 26th.

Some specifics of the project so far:

As you can see, we now have a pump at well 7! This is a big step in our project. Things were a little tense during the connection of the pump to the well casing. The last thing we wanted was for all of our hard work to end up in the bottom of a 750-foot hole in the form of 85,000 pounds of well casing. But I am happy to report that the pump and the casing are connected and ready to pump water! Currently the footings for the new pump house are being poured and we should have a new well house sometime around the end of April

I’m sure you’ve also noticed all of the work going on around the Tank 1 storage site. Currently DePatco is grading the area and installing new hook ups for our new tank.  Though we won’t be seeing the new tank for a while, the work will continue so the site is ready when the it arrives.

Work on the Big Bend booster station is also moving forward. The booster pumps are in, and in the process of being connected to the system. However the big reason for Big Bend booster is to supply water to the new Tank 3 and if you have been paying attention you will see that not much has taken place at the Tank 3 site as of yet. Fear not, Tank 3 is not due for completion until the end of May and it is not an important piece for early season irrigation usage. We will need it later as the summer gets hotter, but it should be complete by then.

So as you can see, things are coming right along. I would remind you again, for a more thorough discussion please join us at the Annual meeting on April 26th.

Please stay tuned for more updates.